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VETRIPHARM® - Veterinary Competence in Animal Nutrition

Vetripharm GmbH has been developing high-quality mineral, dietetic and supplementary feed for horses (recreational, sporting, breeding and high-performance horses) and dogs according to the latest state of veterinary nutritional sciences since over 40 years.

EQUIPUR - the premium line from VETRIPHARM - offers highly effective complementary and dietetic feeds and care products for horses for individual support in special problems of all ages and performance groups - from the basic supply to the well-directed supplement and the power requirements.

The EquiPower product line consists of efficient complementary feeds and care products for horses for the general strengthening and promotion of well-being and health. In addition, the individual feed materials and micronutrients of the single substance line guarantee an individual and customized supply.

With its brands EQUIPUR, EquiPower and the Single substance line, VETRIPHARM offers individual and tailored feeding solutions for all problem-areas of the horse - from the respiratory tract and the immune system, through the musculoskeletal (joints and tendons as well as musculature), to skin and hair, hoof, stomach and intestines, nerves, performance, metabolism, heart and circulation system as well as breeding). This targeted supply of biologically valuable and highly effective nutrients and active substances (minerals, trace elements and vitamins) prevents or compensate feeding mismanagement - caused by reduced nutrient contents of the rape – and supported by deficiency symptoms from diseases.

The optimized repeatedly purified, uprooted and large scale de-dusted litter of EURO-LIN and EquiPower Allround-Span (from untreated white wood chips from the Allgäu) contributed to the improvement of the stall climate as well as the prevention of dust allergies and irritations of the bronchial mucous membranes.

Furthermore, the product portfolio also includes highly effective complementary and dietetic feed for vital and active dogs, CANIPUR - the premium line from VETRIPHARM. These are adapted to the individual needs (breed, temperament, growth, breeding, areas of application, age) of the dogs and thus provide a targeted supply, to unfold their natural development and performance capacity potentials.

VETRIPHARM naturally offers our customers a product-accompanying und medical consultation with an experienced veterinarian for the feeding of horses and dogs.

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