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VETRIPHARM - Your partner for animals in good health !

Vetripharm GmbH is a middle-sized company, operating for over 40 years in the veterinary-pharmaceutical field in different locations in Europe. These include among others, innovative development, clinical tests, quality-orientated manufacturing and customer-related distribution for highly effective supplement and diet feed, first-class care products as well as quality litter for horses, dogs, cats and cattle.

Our distribution of special feed and care products operates mainly under our premium brand-names EQUIPUR, CANIPUR, EQUI 2000 and EQUIPOWER in Germany and abroad through specialized retailers as well as through veterinarians.

Due to our longstanding and comprehensive experience, there is also a distinct increase in fields of individual and needs-oriented contract manufacturing for animal clinics, veterinarians, studs as well as feed manufacturers and entrepreneurs. Thanks to our expertise, our products always correspond to the latest state of veterinary nutritional science. Of course our feed production runs an effective quality management system and quality control system (ISO 9001:2008, HACCP, and QS).

Besides our first-class quality products, the selection of the optimally suitable product is of crucial importance for animal health success. According to our motto "Feed quality!" we offer our customers a free of charge product-related, veterinary advice on all questions regarding feeding.

Because of the constantly growing number of horses with chronic lung disease, we have been producing premium litter for over 20 years. The EQUIPOWER ALLROUND-SPAN is made of pure soft wood. EURO-LIN is a biodegradable flax straw made of Natural Flax.

Our obligation is to supply our customers and their animals with products of the highest quality and effectiveness with optimal service. Achieving this goal every day is the job of all VETRIPHARM employees in Europe.