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  • EQUIPOWER - efficient care products for horses for general strengthening and promotion of well-being.

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Performance horses

Turned-out horses

Care product for horses

  • Intensive and effectual cooling in depth
  • Reactivation of muscles, sinews and joints
  • High skin-tolerance

EquiPower - Kühlgel with highly effective cooling and care components freshens the locomotor system by intensive and durable coolness. Over-exhausted and tired joints, sinews, ligaments and muscles are relaxed and re-energized.

750 g Can Gel
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Care product for horses

  • Long-lasting protection against flies, midges and horseflies
  • Simple use by direct spraying
  • Well-tolerated through skin conditioning agents

EquiPower - Fliegenspray (insect repellent spray) keeps flies, midges and horseflies at bay for several hours by its unique combination of highly effective contents, and is reliable even during high temperatures, giving immediate protection to sweating horses.

1 l Spray bottle Spray
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Care product for horses

  • Silky shine and lush mane
  • Easy brushing of mane and tail
  • Effective protection against dust and dirt

EquiPower - Schweif & Mähnenspray (tail & mane care spray) with high-quality care substances for voluminous and shiny hair enables a simple and horse-friendly care for tail, mane and coat.

1 l Spray bottle Spray
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