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CANIPUR - relax forte

CANIPUR - relax forte

€ 15,90
(incl. 7% tax)
SKU : 301957
Brand : Canipur

Form of administration:

Complementary feed for dogs

CANIPUR - relax forte achieves increased capacity and stress resistance by the combination of magnesium, tryptophan and B-vitamins. Optimised formula!

150 g Can Powder
500 g Can Powder

Product Details

Analytical constituents
Feed additives per kg
Instructions for proper use
Feeding period
General findings of nutritional science


CANIPUR - relax forte balances effectively a feeding deficiency of magnesium (anxiety, skittishness), tryptophan (mental stress), B-vitamins (poor concentration), anti-oxidants (cell protection), and Lysine. The results are inner calmness, nervous strength, and stress resistance and, at the same time, an increase in motivation, concentration ability, and well-being.



Analytical constituents

Crude protein        11,0 %
Crude fat   3,1 %
Crude fibre   0,6 %
Crude ash   13,6 %
Calcium   1,5 %
Magnesium   4,0 %
Sodium   0,1 %



Feed additives per kg

Nutritional additives         
Vitamin A        50.000 I.E.
Vitamin E   25.000 mg
Vitamin B1   1.000 mg
Vitamin B2   600 mg
Vitamin B6   2.500 mg
Vitamin B12   250.000 mcg
Vitamin C   5.000 mg
Niacin    4.000 mg
L-Lysine   50.000 mg
L-tryptophane   50.000 mg

3a672a vitamin A, Vitamin B1 as thiamine hydrochloride, Vitamin B2 as riboflavin, Vitamin B6 as pyridoxine hydrochloride, Vitamin B12 as Cyanocobalamin, L-Lysine monohydrochloride.




Dextrose, magnesium fumarate, magnesium oxide.



Instructions for proper use

Small dogs ( 4-15 kg): 1-4 g per day
Medium dogs (16-39 kg): 4-8 g per day
Large dogs (40-80 kg): 8-16 g per day
given with the feed.



Feeding period

For maximum effectiveness, the product should be applied at least three weeks. Feeding for a longer period does not pose any problems and will be beneficial.

Responsible for the labelling: Vetripharm GmbH, P.O. Box 1352, D-86913 Kaufering
Approval number: α DE-BY-1-00006
Corresponding declaration concerning minimum storage life and lot reference number can be found on packaging.



General findings of nutritional science

Both strong physical strain and mental stress (e.g. separation from parent, transportation, exhibition, pet school, or thunderstorm) can lead to nervousness, skittishness, resignation, travel sickness, urine marking, or as well irritability. The stabilisation of the nervous system and the increasing of well-being restores and strengthens inner calmness and composure.

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid which is converted in the metabolism to serotonin and nicotinic acid (niacin). Serotonin acts as a regulator for the transmission in the central nervous system and is very important for the essential well-being of the horse. A deficiency leads to unbalanced reaction, irritability as well as lack of spirit. As serotonin is quickly used up, a regular supply of tryptophan is indispensable.

Magnesium activates many enzymes in the nerve and brain cell energy metabolism. Of particular interest is the protective function of magnesium against negative effects during stressful situations. It stabilises the cell membranes, prevents over-stimulation of the nerve cells and, in the blood, counteracts the effect of the stress hormone adrenaline.

Vitamin B6 forms the basis of a smooth issue of protein metabolism in the nerve and brain cells. As protein structures are the foundation of the memory, the sufficient supply of vitamin B6 leads to a good concentration and memory ability. Vitamin B6 is also used for the transmission of tryptophan into nicotinic acid.

Nicotinic acid (niacin) is a B-vitamin, which is often found in bound form in feed and therefore it can not be used by the organism. Therefore, the dog depends on the endogenous synthesis of nicotinic acid from tryptophan. Nicotinic acid plays a key role in all energy delivering processes in the nerve metabolism.

Vitamin B12 is involved in enzymatic reactions to rebuild and maintain the nerve cells. In case of deficiency, the function and performance of the entire nervous system are reduced, resulting in excessive sensory perception and uncoordinated movements.

Vitamin E and C develop their protective effect as “antioxidants“ against aggressive harmful substances, especially in the region of the sensitive nerve and brain cells. Concentration and memory therefore markedly improve and the psyche will strengthen.