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    EquiPower Allround-Span - high-quality litter for horses made of untreated white wood chips from the Allgäu.


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equipower alround span

titel equipower span bild 

   1 High absorbency

   2 Best possible dedusting

   3 Good price achievement relationship


Special characteristics

Nowadays most horses spend a lot of their time in a stable. Therefore it is of utmost importance for healthiness and well-being of the horse to use hygienic and dedusted litter like the EquiPower Allround-Span.

Delivery and Prices

Our wide spread trading net ensures a fast and low cost delivery in most European countries. Prices depend on the required quantities and the distance to the next trader. Please ask for an individual offer to your delivery address.

Delivery data

Material: untreated Allgäu silver fir chipboard
Weight/bales: 25 kg
Absorbent properties: about. 300 % of net weight 
Bales/palette: 15 pieces 
Measurement of palette: 1,20 x 0,80 m
Height of palette: ~ 2,50 m
Weight of palette: ~ 420 kg
Palette packing: elastic foil 
Palatte type: deposit palette
Palette deposit: 6,50 Euro net, 7,54 Euro gross 
Amont of bales/truck-train: +/- 570 bales

At delivery, deposit palettes are exchanged for intact deposit palettes or will be charged for, according to the price list. A separate collection of deposit palettes without coincident delivery of litter is not possible!