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EquiPower - Leinöl

EquiPower - Leinöl

€ 7,90
(incl. 7% tax)
SKU: 389026

Form of administration:

Feed material for horses

  • Support of skin, coat and digestion
  • Supply of essential omega-3-fatty acids
  • Optimization of energy metabolism without protein strain

EquiPower - Leinöl (linseed oil) is particularly effective in supplying essential, unsaturated omega-3-fatty acids. Moreover, linseed-oil helps to induce energy metabolism in the liver as it supplies protein-free energy.

1 l Bottle Oil
2,5 l Container Oil
5 l Container Oil
25 l Container Oil

Product Details

Analytical constituents
Instructions for proper use
Feeding period


Linseed-oil for inflammations and allergic disorders:
Unsaturated, essential fatty acids (omega-3-and omega-6-compounds) are indispensable for building new cells, and play an important role during inflammation. As the skin restores itself very quickly, the skin's poor supply of fatty acids is very noticeable (the skin as the 'mirror of health'). In general terms, the omega-3-fatty acids especially lessens susceptibility to inflammations and allergic reactions, and increase the smoothness and resistance of the skin and coat, as well as accelerating healing of diseased conditions. As the organism cannot itself establish unsaturated, essential fatty acids, these must be supplied with the daily feed. Experience shows that for optimal health the proportion of omega-3 to omega-6-fatty acids 1:3-5 is preferable. While omega-3-fatty acids predominate in hay and fresh grass, the relation to fatty acids in cereals is 1:20 up to 1:30 (!); it leads therefore to a distinctive overweight in omega-6-fat with all the negative after-effects. Horses fed with concentrated feed therefore should be given a daily ration of oil with a high content of omega-3-fatty acids and a possibly low content of omega-6-fatty acids in order to redress the fatty-acid balance. Of all vegetable oils recommended for horses, linseed-oil is the most suitable for this purpose.

Linseed-oil for the overstrained liver caused by protein-enriched feed:
In order to satisfy energy demand, a performance horse needs to have high-energy feed which, unfortunately in most cases, leads to a surplus of protein in the entire food ration. This excess of protein must be processed and detoxified in the liver, a process by which the liver ever works to the limit of its capacity. Should further absorption of metabolism occur, eg. by over-taxing exertion with increased lactic acid formation, an effective detoxification of the organism or an additional energy supply is no longer possible.
The energy content of 300 ml linseed-oil is approximately equal to the energy content of 1 kg of oats with a protein content of 0 g! (1 kg of oats contains c 80-120 g protein).

Linseed-oil for glycogen-storage disorders of the musculature (Paralytical-myogelosis Lumbago):
During a long period of inactivity, there is an increase of 110 to 112% of glycogen (stored sugar), especially in the musculature of the hindquarters. With several breeds (eg. quarter- horse, thoroughbred), this storage can be much increased by genetic hyper-sensitivity to insulin. Should the musculature be suddenly excessively strained after exercise (particularly also muscular tensions from stress/anxiety in the case of nervous horses!!), these increased carbohydrate-storages will be abruptly disintegrated. Thereby the burning of carbohydrates occurs because of this oxygen deficiency, and a massive formation of harmful substances are amassed, the muscle fibres swelling up and blood circulation decreasing. These disorders lead to a devil's circle which includes anxiety, pain, oxygen deficiency, muscle tension, and swelling, as well as an increase in toxic substances which, last but not least, end in destroying the muscle fibres. By the replacement of carbohydrate-rich concentrated feed with oils, the danger of extreme glycogen over-storage can be reduced.



Analytische Bestandteile

Crude protein        0,0 %
Crude fat   99,9 %
Crude fibre   0,0 %
Crude ash   0,0 %
Digestible energy   36,2 MJ/kg




Linseed oil 100% (cold-pressed of diatetically valuable linseed)

Average content of essential fatty acids:
Linolenic acid (Omega 3) 60,0 %
Linoleic acid (Omega 6) 15,0 %



Instructions for proper use

Dosage for enrichment of feed with unsaturated essential fatty acids:
Horses (500 kg): 50 ml per day
Foals, young horses, small horses: 25 ml per day

Dosage for increased energy supply:
As an energy concentrate, performing horses (500 kg) may have 250 - 500 ml linseed oil per day without any ill-effect. The energy content of 300 ml linseed oil corresponds to the energy content of about 1 kg oats.



Feeding period

For maximum effectiveness, the product should be applied over an extended period.

Responsible for the labelling: Vetripharm GmbH, Gewerbestraße Süd 7, D-86857 Hurlach
Corresponding declaration concerning minimum storage life and lot reference number can be found on packaging.

According to the anti-doping and medication control rules of the “Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung (FN)“, application of this product during competition is allowed (ADMR conform).


Service phone

Freecall: 0800 / VETRIPHARM

Telefon: 0 82 48 / 888 88 - 0

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