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CANIPUR - racepower

CANIPUR - racepower

€ 27,90
(incl. 7% tax)
SKU: 301905

Form of administration:

Complementary feed for dogs

CANIPUR - racepower for working and sport dogs contains L-Carnitine and is specially formulated to activate energy metabolism, promote performance and increase stamina. The well-balanced active ingredients significantly shorten the recuperation phase after exertion and optimise heart and skeletal muscle metabolism. Blood formation is also improved, resulting in increased oxygen transport during peak performance.

500 g Can Powder
1 kg Can Powder

Product Details

Analytical constituents
Feed additives per kg
Instructions for proper use
Feeding period
General findings of nutritional science


CANIPUR - racepower contains as feed supplement L-Carnitine and a range of other top-quality active ingredients that increase performance capacity and compensate for energy deficiencies.
It is specially formulated to activate energy metabolism, promote performance and increase stamina.



Analytical constituents

Crude protein        18,5 %
Crude fat   2,6 %
Crude fibre   1,6 %
Crude ash   7,1 %
Potassium   0,7 %
Magnesium   0,4 %
Calcium   0,2 %
Phosphorus   0,2 %
Sodium   0,1 %
Lysine   1,1 %
Arginine   0,3 %
Threonine   0,2 %
Methionine   0,1 %
Cystine   0,1 %
Omega-3-fatty acids   0,4 %



Feed additives per kg

Nutritional additives         
L-carnitine        40.000 mg
Vitamin E   10.000 mg
Vitamin B6   500 mg
Vitamin C   5.000 mg
Iron   3.000 mg
Iodine   8 mg
Copper   400 mg
Zinc    500 mg
Selenium   5 mg
L-lysine   8.000 mg

Vitamin B6 as pyridoxine hydrochloride, 3b106 Ferrous-(II)-chelate of amino acids hydrate, 3b201 Potassium iodide, 3b406 Cupric-(II)-chelate of amino acids hydrate, 3b606 Zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate, 3b812 Selenised yeast produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3399 (inactivated), L-Lysine monohydrochloride.




Dextrose, soybean protein concentrate, fermented cereals, yeast extract (MOS), banana flour, magnesium fumarate, brewer’s yeast, linseed meal, corn starch.



Instructions for proper use

Small dogs ( 4-15 kg): 5-20 g per day
Medium dogs (16-39 kg): 20-40 g per day
Large dogs (40-80 kg): 40-80 g per day
given with the feed.
Due to the increased content of trace elements daily ration should not be more than doubled.



Feeding period

For maximum effectiveness, application should last during the whole racing season or period of service; at the least, begin 7 days prior to exposure. For the last three days before the use and for the starting day, daily ration can be increased by 50%, if necessary.

Responsible for the labelling: Vetripharm GmbH, Gewerbestraße Süd 7, D-86857 Hurlach
Approval number: α DE-BY-1-00006
Corresponding declaration concerning minimum storage life and lot reference number can be found on packaging.



General findings of nutritional science

Soybean meal - is rich in such essential amino acids as lysine, methionine, arginine, threonine, leucine, isoleucine and valine. An adequate and well-balanced supply of these high-quality amino acids promotes anabolic processes (build-up of organism substance, particularly of muscle mass) in both working and sporting dogs. The supply of free amino acids in tissues constitutes an additional source of energy that prevents degradation of muscle proteins. Conventional diets often do not provide dogs with optimal supplies of essential amino acids. Thus, when dogs need extra energy, they also need an additional energy source in order to forestall deficiency symptoms. The high content of fat from unsaturated fatty acids (linolic and linoleic acid) doubles the energy output, which increases stamina.

L-Carnitine - is a body substance derived from amino acids that functions as a carrier substance for long-chain fatty acids. Only fatty acids which are bonded to L-carnitine are available for oxidation, which is the process from which the heart muscles derive 80% (and the skeletal muscles 50%) of the energy they need. Performance capacity of the heart muscles, i.e., energy and oxygen transfer as well as stamina, are greatly improved by supplements of L-carnitine.

Lysine - is an amino acid that interacts with vitamin E and selenium to improve muscle output and minimise stress arising from the products of catabolism. Lysine plays an important role as a buffer and catalyst for lactic acid in muscle metabolism, also improving energy metabolism in the muscles by stimulating the synthesis of creatine, which is an energy carrier substance.

Methionine and cystine - are amino acids containing sulphur and are also the most important source of organic sulphur compounds for the organism. In addition to their roles as building blocks for proteins in such body tissues as muscles and horn tissues, they play a key role in cell metabolism. Deficiency symptoms include loss of body substance as well as liver damage, allergies and wound-healing disorders.

Starch - consists of polysaccharides, which are complex sugars that produce a readily available supply of energy used by the muscles, as well as for glycogen replenishment.

Iron and copper - are indispensable for the formation of haemoglobin and myoglobin, both of which contribute to efficient oxygen transport and oxygen transfer.

Vitamin E - protects the cell membranes from toxic oxygen compounds and is necessary for heart and skeletal muscle structure and function. It also prevents the fatty acids from being oxidised during metabolism.

Vitamin C - is a highly effective protective factor for the cells during periods when the animal is in danger of infection or needs to achieve peak performance. It also increases connective tissue stability by stimulating collagen formation.

B vitamins - interacting with other active ingredients make feed more appetising, promote the organism's defences and improve metabolism during times of peak physical stress.

Selenium yeast - provides organic selenium which is far less toxic and more effective than sodium selenite. In conjunction with vitamin E, it protects the cell membranes from toxic oxygen compounds (free radicals) and is indispensable for the function and structure of heart and skeletal muscles.

Calcium and magnesium - provide a basis for effective and well-coordinated muscle performance. They are primarily needed for energy metabolism and stimulus transmission in nerve and muscle cells. Deficiency symptoms in dogs include increased excitability, muscle tremors and muscle spasms. Along with phosphorus, these minerals are the main factors for maintaining strength and durability of bones and joints.

Potassium - is indispensable for maintaining peak performance of muscle cells. Deficiencies manifest themselves as functional disorders of heart and skeletal muscles.


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