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  Biotin liquid
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EquiPower during
competition (ADMR)


EquiPower - Biotin

Complementary feed for horses
Strengthening the hooves
Enlivening the coat
Smoothing the skin

EquiPower - Biotin with biotin, methionine, zinc, and copper, offers an optimal nutrient supply to enable healthy hooves, skin and hair.

0.75 kg Powder Can  
2 kg Powder Bucket  



Instructions for proper use


Analytical Constituents




EquiPower - Biotin redresses deficiencies in biotin, zinc, copper, and amino acids containing sulphur, which can occur with ill-balanced feeding or digestive disorder.

EquiPower - Biotin is used during at least 3 months for all skin and hair disorders, and from 6 to 12 months for problems in the hoof area.


Analytical constituents

Crude protein 12,0 %
Crude fat 3,2 %
Crude fibre 2,8 %
Crude ash 3,6 %
Sodium 0,1 %
Sulphur 0,6 %

Feed additives per kg (litre)

Nutritional additives
Biotin 2.200.000 mcg
Copper 1.500 mg
Zinc 10.000 mg
DL-methionine 25.000 mg

E4 cupric sulphate pentahydrate, 3b603 zinc oxide.


Wheat flour, wheat semolina bran, dextrose, linseed oil.

Instructions for proper use

Horses (500 kg): 10 g per day
Foals, young horses, small horses: 5 g per day
Due to the increased content of trace elements daily ration should not be more than doubled.

Feeding period

For maximum effectiveness, this product should be applied for a period of at least 6 months.

Responsible for the labelling: Vetripharm GmbH, P.O. Box 1352, D-86913 Kaufering
Approval number: α DE-BY-1-00006
Corresponding declaration concerning minimum storage life and lot reference number can be found on packaging.

According to the anti-doping and medication control rules of the “Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung (FN)“, application of this product during competition is allowed (ADMR conform).


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