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  Verdauungskräuter liquid
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Probiotikum Verdauungskräuter liquid

EquiPower - Probiotikum

Complementary feed for horses
Optimisation of gastro-intestinal function
Stabilisation of gut flora
Support of digestion from stomach to defecation.

EquiPower - Probiotikum provides an optimal way of nutrient supply for the stabilisation of the gut flora for a regular digestion.

0.75 kg Can Powder  
2.0 kg Bucket Powder  
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EquiPower - Verdauungskräuter liquid

Liquid complementary feed for horses
Strengthening of the stomach
Harmonization of intestinal activity
Promotion of digestion

EquiPower - Verdauungskräuter liquid with the natural power of precious stomach & gut herbs!

1 l Dosage bottle Syrup  
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