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Biotin Leinöl Schwarzkümmelöl Fliegenspray Schweif & Mähnenspray

EquiPower - Biotin

Complementary feed for horses
Strengthening the hooves
Enlivening the coat
Smoothing the skin

EquiPower - Biotin with biotin, methionine, zinc, and copper, offers an optimal nutrient supply to enable healthy hooves, skin and hair.

0.75 kg Can Powder  
2 kg Bucket Powder  
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EquiPower - Leinöl

Feed material for horses
Support of skin, coat and digestion
Supply of essential omega-3-fatty acids
Optimization of energy metabolism without protein strain

EquiPower - Leinöl (linseed oil) is particularly effective in supplying essential, unsaturated omega-3-fatty acids. Moreover, linseed-oil helps to induce energy metabolism in the liver as it supplies protein-free energy.

1 Stk. 2,5/5 L Spigot cap  
1 Stk. 25 L Spigot cap  
1 l Bottle Oil  
2.5 l Container Oil  
5 l Container Oil  
25 l Container Oil  
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EquiPower - Schwarzkümmelöl

Feed material for horses
Support of skin, coat and digestion
Optimization of metabolism
Maintenance with essential omega-6-fatty acids

EquiPower - Schwarzkümmelöl (black cumin oil) is made of cold-pressed, Egyptian, black caraway seed and fortifies the harmony of endogenous resistance in the region of the skin, the lung and the intestine.

0.5 l Dosage bottle Oil  
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EquiPower - Fliegenspray

Care product for horses
Long-lasting protection against flies, midges and horseflies
Simple use by direct spraying
Well-tolerated through skin conditioning agents

EquiPower - Fliegenspray (insect repellent spray) keeps flies, midges and horseflies at bay for several hours by its unique combination of highly effective contents, and is reliable even during high temperatures, giving immediate protection to sweating horses.

1 l Spray bottle Spray  
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EquiPower - Schweif & Mähnenspray

Care product for horses
Silky shine and luxuriant mane
Easy combing for mane and tail
Active protection against dust and mud

EquiPower - Schweif & Mähnenspray (tail & mane care spray) with high-quality care substances for voluminous and shiny hair enables a simple and horse-friendly care for tail, mane and coat.

1 l Spray bottle Spray  
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