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  Nervenkräuter liquid
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Magnesium Nervenkräuter liquid

EquiPower - Magnesium

Complementary feed for horses
Increase of nervous capability
Improvement of well-being
Reduction of strained reactions

EquiPower - Magnesium causes a comprehensive stabilisation of the nervous system by the interplay of magnesium (nervousness and anxiety), tryptophane (inner calmness) and vitamin B12 (nerval capability).

0.75 kg Can Powder  
2 kg Bucket Powder  
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EquiPower - Nervenkräuter liquid

Liquid complementary feed for horses
Minderung von Stressreaktionen
Verbesserung des Wohlbefindens
Steigerung der nervlichen Belastbarkeit

EquiPower - Nervenkräuter liquid mit der natürlichen Kraft wertvoller Anti-Stress-Kräuter!

1 l Dosage bottle Syrup  
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